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Greetings from Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist! Welcome to our online store and we hope you’ll have a wonderful experience shopping for flower gifts for your loved ones.

We are your local florist in Colorado Springs ready to provide you with fabulous flower arrangements and gifts at inexpensive prices. Whether you need an ensemble of purple blossoms or an arrangement of tropical flora, Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist is ready to prepare and deliver what you require. Included in our vast selection of flower arrangements are anniversary bouquets, I love you flowers, birthday floral gifts, new baby flower arrangements, get well flowers, and sympathy flowers.
Our professional florists in Colorado Springs are skilled in creating beautiful, dramatic, and expressive floral designs. Whatever the occasion, Lily’s Colorado Springs

Florist has a unique, impressive, and heartwarming floral creation to offer.

Romantic Bouquets Delivered by Local Florist in Colorado Springs, CO

For the best and freshest romance flowers in CO, shop only at Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist. We have the reddest roses to help you celebrate your 1st or 10th wedding anniversary. Check our range of romantic flowers and find gorgeous bouquets that will surely wow the one you love. You can count on Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist for romance flowers that truly touch the heart. Our local florists make full use of the language of flowers to create floral designs that tug at the heart strings. With our floral creations, you can say “I love you,” “I miss you,” or “I can’t stop thinking about you” in a more expressive, special and romantic way.

From arrangements of pretty pink flowers to bouquets of long-stemmed roses, our floral works are guaranteed to make an impression.

Birthday Flowers by Top Colorado Springs Florist

Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist also has a fine range of joyful birthday flowers. We also have extra gifts like balloons, chocolates, and gift baskets that you can add to make a flower gift more personal and special. Send the happiest birthday cheers with our festive arrangements of orange and yellow flowers or our charming display of pink, lilac and white blossoms.

Make someone’s birthday more memorable with a surprise flower gift hand-arranged and hand-delivered by Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist. We have the best flowers to give to your mother, sister, best friend, colleague, and even your boss. No matter the age, style, or gender of the recipient, Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist has a creative floral arrangement to offer to make their special day merrier.

Colorado Springs Same Day Flower Delivery

Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist offers same day delivery to the modern urban area of Colorado Springs. Orders received by 2PM are eligible for same day delivery. Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist delivers fresh flowers and gift baskets to both residential and business addresses so you don’t have to worry about sending flowers to a loved one’s place of work. Our flowers can reach residences, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, churches, memorial homes, cemeteries, retirement communities and offices.

Ordering flowers for delivery to Colorado Springs is very easy and you can do it online on your computer or mobile device. Shopping for flowers online at Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist means you no longer need to drive far, wait in line, or skip lunch just to get flowers for your sweetheart. Now you can conveniently buy a bouquet for your darling on your coffee break, before you head to work, or while stuck in traffic. In no more than five minutes, you can arrange a fresh flower delivery for your beloved through Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist!

Now you can also send your warmest birthday greetings and your sincerest sympathies easily, without having to be physically present, through Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist’s flower arrangements. Wherever you are in the world, at whatever time zone you are in, you can buy flower gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones to send them a beautiful reminder that you care about them.

Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist: Delivering Smiles To Colorado and Beyond

At Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist, you have fantastic flower gifts at your fingertips – anytime, day and night, at your utmost convenience. We’d be pleased to be the florist that will deliver wide smiles to your loved ones in and outside of the US. You can count on Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist for flower deliveries not just to the neighborhoods of Colorado Springs but also to Arvada, Lakewood, Thornton, and Denver, and to the rest of the world.

Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist is committed to providing the best in floral quality and flower delivery service. If you need help in selecting a floral arrangement or if you have ordering concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through chat, phone or email. We’d be happy to assist you and make your online flower shopping at Lily’s Colorado Springs Florist a stress-free experience.

Colorado Springs Florist | Flowers Delivery By Lily's | From $26 (2024)


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